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Everyone knows how important their own teeth are. However, not everyone is aware of the extent to which teeth can affect life outside the mouth. It is well known that teeth are needed for chewing and sometimes that poor oral hygiene can affect heart health. However, it is not uncommon for many people to go to doctors who are unable to help them with a wide range of pain conditions throughout their lives. Often only those symptoms are treated that also have their origin in another medical field. Patients with CMD syndrome (craniomandibular dysfunction) may experience the following symptoms:



Back pain

Sleep disorder

In dentistry, the treatment is not systemic but defektor-oriented. Problems are often only solved to the extent that they currently cause problems. Often only the symptoms are eliminated, but not the origin of the problem. The healthy initial situation is lost and long-term consequences such as CMD syndrome can occur.


Lifelong dental concept

This is where DENTON-Systems comes in: To avoid the described long-term consequences, the patient’s healthy initial condition is registered. In the event of changes in the dentition system due to aging or dental surgery, the registered initial condition can be restored.


For the spatial registration of the denture system, DENTON-System uses its innovative and patented dental row-independent measuring method. The spatial coordinates can be recorded both analogously and digitally. In the ideal case, the registration of the denture system is carried out for the first time after the completed bone growth at the age of 18, but can be carried out at any time. This process is repeated every five years.

The DENTON procedure is device-independent and thus enables acquisition with all imaging procedures, including:

  • X-ray
  • Intraoral Scans
  • Volume Tomography (DVT)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRT)
  • 3D Photography


The reference points are stored in the DENTON cloud. For this purpose, a digital reference body is determined from the information of the reference points. This reference body reflects the relationship between the upper and lower jaw.

The DENTON cloud relies on blockchain technology and the zero knowledge principle. The access management of the data is entirely in the hands of the patients. Only the patients have the possibility to release their entire data or data packages to dentists, laboratories or other user groups for use.


Neben der Speicherung, werden die verschiedenen Datensätze der bildgebenden Verfahren in der DENTON-Cloud zusammengeführt (Meshing). Sind bereits Datensätze vorhanden, wird ein Soll-Ist Vergleich durchgeführt und ein individuelles Referenzmodell des Gebisssystems für die Herstellung des Zahnersatzes erstellt.

Dadurch ist es nun möglich eine genaue Zahnersatzstruktur basierend auf den digital aufbereitenden Datensätzen mit einer enormen Genauigkeit zu reproduzieren.


From the prepared data sets, the dental prosthesis is then produced, either analogously using the DENTON transmission system or digitally using software and dental milling machines, 3D printers or other devices customary in the dental industry.

In the final step, the dentist integrates the prepared and finished prosthesis into the patient’s existing denture system.

Why DENTON Systems?

Cost reduction

Reduce bite acquisition and analysis costs by more than 87% and other (dental) medical services.

Saving time

Minimize visits to dentists by more than 65% and exchange information between dentists, laboratories, etc.


The use of state-of-the-art cloud and cryptography technologies ensures secure and efficient data storage.

Time & place independent

Cloud technology enables access to all data at any time and anywhere in the world.


The patented DENTON procedure enables the reconstruction of the individual tooth situation and the patient’s own teeth when they were still without external influences.


Reconstruction of your own stored denture system increases the accuracy and quality of the dental prosthesis enormously.


DENTON Systems ist ein modernes Startup mit innovativen Lösungen und dem Ziel eine nachhaltige Dentalbranche zu etablieren.


Wir lieben Zähne und wollen diese genau so erhalten wie sie sind, daher setzen wir auf Vorsorge statt Nachsorge.

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